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Free Simul‑Poker™ Games
Play hundreds of simultaneous hands of No‑Limit Texas Hold'em poker with up to 9 of your friends.

Play at your own speed and you and your friends will gain the kind of experience that used to take online grinders months of anguish in mere days.
Automate Your Game
Fast-forward  to the interesting spots by automating routine actions you take such as opening and 3-betting from various positions. Or, don't automate at all. The choice is yours.
Advanced Reporting
Stats, Showdown and Non-Showdown Winnings Charts, Historic Hands with Filtering, Range Charts, Game Tree Visualization, and more.
Join a growing community of poker enthusiasts. Discuss strategy or find some new players to join in a match.
Compatible with all Devices
No Download required.
See Melee in Action
and feel the Crown within your reach...
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